Creating a Safer Work Environment

What We Do

Fall Protection

OSHA requires safety measures to be in place to prevent employees from slips, trips and falls from heights. Bulwark Safety Systems offers...

Machine Guarding

Machine guarding can be tricky. This is where teaming up with an expert from Bulwark Safety Systems is most beneficial. We know you are an expert in...

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians and employee's need to be protected from forklifts, other vehicles, cranes, or any moving equipment while they work and move around...

Our Services

Machine Risk Assessments

Bulwark Safety Systems conducts full machine safeguarding risk assessments, including risk level identification and risk reduction opportunities...

Professional Installation

Bulwark Safety Systems offers professional installation on every solution and product we offer. Our trained professionals, on your site...

Fatigue and Fit for Duty

Bulwark Safety Systems offers groundbreaking technology in the area of fatigue risk management, identifying one of the leading causes of safety risks...

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Bulwark Safety Systems Provides Solutions for a Safer Work Environment


Bulwark Safety Systems Proudly Distributes the Following Safety Products

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Fortress Interlocks
Predictive Safety
Machine Safety Specialists
SG World USA
Banner Engineering
Guardian Coil
Gobo Source
Post Guard
ATS Machine
Slip Control and Floor Marking

Bulwark Safety Systems

Creating a Safer Work Environment