Automated Pedestrian Safety Gates

Did you know that Bulwark Safety Systems provides automated gates as part of our comprehensive pedestrian safety solutions. We recently completed a system that has 6 automated gates (image of one below), all controlled with one key fob. Every entrance to an area can be blocked with the push of one button, keeping forklifts out of the area while workers are performing certain operations.

Our affordable automated gates have many options including:

  • Attention grabbing LED lights that are programmable. For example, this client wanted lights to flash 3 times before the gates move.
  • Skirt to prevent workers from ducking under the gate.
  • Many options for signaling gates to open or close, including sensors, key fobs and push buttons.
  • Battery back-up for use when the power is out.
  • Many programming options, including syncing gates to operate together, speed control, etc. 

For more information or to schedule a time for us to come by and take a look at your potential application, please simply reach out via phone or email.