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BSP Hatch Operator System

Accessing your roof through a hatch is now a lot safer!

If you have used a roof hatch to access a roof, you will certainly be familiar with the hazards associated with holding onto the ladder with one hand while attempting to unlock and open the hatch with the other. Then, on your way back down, closing and locking the hatch behind you again while holding on with one hand at the top of the ladder. This dangerous procedure can now be avoided with the BSP Hatch Operator System.

The BSP Hatch Operator System is designed to make roof access safer, easier and more secure. The system includes:

  • Floor-level operating mechanism that allows users to unlock/lock and open/close a roof access hatch from the floor.

  • Safety handle to make getting into and out of the hatch safer.

  • Bolt-on system that attaches to fixed ladders.


Take a moment and watch this quick video on the use of this hatch operator.

BSP Hatch Operator Video

If you have even one roof hatch, let’s schedule a time for us to take the measurements needed to provide a quote or we can send you a simple form to complete the measurements yourself. 

Keep in mind that we can install these systems as well for a complete turn-key solution!


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