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Bulwark And Draeger Combine for Gas Detection & Protection

Bulwark is excited to announce that we have partnered with Draeger to meet your gas detection needs. Here are a few simple reasons to consider Draeger:

  • Draeger O2, CO and H2S electro-chemical sensors are warrantied for 5 years with an expected life of 6-8 years. If your current equipment warranty only covers 2 years, you could be paying twice as much as you need to, not to mention the hassle of switching out your sensors every couple of years.
  • Draeger sensors warm up and are ready to bump test in 30 seconds. If your sensors take minutes to warm up before they can be bump tested, your people are wasting time and may be tempted to skip this important step.
  • Draeger’s stand-alone bump tester is simple, fast, affordable and does not require power or a computer. You will actually use less gas and save money with this unit.
  • Calibration of Draeger sensors only needs to be done every 6 months and it is easily done on-site. No more need to calibrate every month or ship sensors off to an outside calibration company.

Portable gas detection sensors can sense one, four or even seven gases in a single sensor.



For those that want to make things even easier, the Draeger X-dock is the all-around solution for full control of your complete range of Draeger gas detectors. Using the Draeger X-dock series, you can carry out automatic bump tests, calibrate your sensors with low gas consumption and trust in the reliability of seamless data storage thanks to extensive analysis and documentation functions.

There are many other features and accessories  available, including a very easy to use stand-alone bump test station,

the Mark II external pump, which can be used up to 150 feet away,

software tools and much more. We haven’t even touched on respiratory protection products. If you have gas detection or respiratory needs, Bulwark is prepared to help determine the best products for your application.

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