How Can You Detect Impairment, Reduce Injuries AND Increase Productivity?

Bulwark Safety Systems and Predictive Safety’s Alertmeter is the answer.

Predictive Safety’s platforms are unique to the workplace. They can instantly create a subjective assessment of each individual’s ability to safely do the task at hand and address the potential for fatigue or impairment risk before employees set foot in the workplace.

This real-time, fit-for-work test and predictive fatigue system are designed to be practical and easy to use in workplace environments. Your company can quickly increase employee safety, reduce risk, and optimize performance.

Predictive Safety’s turnkey products are easy to use:
Takes only seconds to complete
Objective top-screen for impairment or fatigue
Tests for impairment, not lifestyle
Adjusts to individual baseline
Fits into any work environment, any job role

At Vforge, the Alertmeter has reduced workers comp claims by 70% in two years while at the same time increased productivity by 11%. View the testimonial of Vforge and see the changes that Alertmeter has created by clicking here.

For a demo at your facility, or to learn more, contact Bulwark Safety Systems, email- or call us at 360-910-0181