Case Study- Employee & Asset Protection

Today we want to highlight a recent Bulwark Solution for a client that had a particular challenge of protecting their employee’s and assets while still maintaining productivity. Utilizing one of our most innovative safety systems solved the problem and provided the needed safety the client was looking for.

The Process: A wheeled cart carrying sheets of plywood is rolled by hand into the machine operator’s work area. The machine operator places the plywood onto the machine and then uses the console to operate the machine.

The Problem: Forklifts are driven by the operator’s work area in close proximity. To make matters worse, plywood must be stored adjacent to the work area and it is frequently picked up and dropped off by forklifts. The location of the plywood storage area requires forklift operators to reverse while turning in the direction of the machine operator. The machine operator does his work with his back turned to the forklifts operating behind him.

The Concern: Machine operator safety and potential damage to the machine controls.

the Challenges: A gap large enough to provide access for the rolling cart was required. Since the cart has various sizes of plywood on top that extend over the width of the cart, the guards could not be so high as to encumber the cart and plywood. In addition, the gap could not be wide enough for a forklift to fit through. The guard would also need to be high enough and strong enough to stop a forklift if struck, but can not be so low as to create a new trip hazard.

The Bulwark Solution: Installation of two sections (82” & 144”) of Boplan TB400 Double Polymer Flex Impact Guardrail. This guardrail is specifically designed to absorb forklift impacts. With a height of 31”, it is plenty high enough to stop a forklift and does not create a trip hazard. The gap is wide enough for carts, but not wide enough for a forklift, allowing safe passage of material and operators. Additionally, it’s safety yellow colored polymer tubes will never need to be painted and provides increased visibility for forklift operators.

This is the ideal solution to protect not only the machine operator, but also the machine itself. With flexible polymer guardrails we also mitigate and reduce the likelihood of an injury to a forklift operator and potential damage to a forklift. The machine operator said it best: I feel a lot safer now!”

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