Inxpect Safety Radar

Wouldn’t it be great to guard pallet wrappers and other machines that require regular access by operators and forklifts without the use of physical guards? With Inxpect Safety Radars, this is easy to achieve, and in some cases less expensive: Check out this short video showing how a safety radar system can be used to … Read more

Anti-slip solutions with a 10 year warranty

Slips, trips and falls top the list of the most common workplace injuries. These injuries are especially common on stairs, ladders and metal decking when the original texture has worn away after years of use. The good news is we can significantly reduce these injuries with Vigil Anti-Slip ladder rung covers, stair nosings and plates.  … Read more

Loading Dock Fall Protection Solutions

Do you have unprotected dock edges? With summer approaching, does your team leave dock doors open for airflow, creating fall hazards? We recently installed 11 pedestrian safety dock guards and handrails on the unprotected docks of a college campus:   Here are a couple links to videos showing how easy these gates are to use: … Read more

5 Steps to Keep Pedestrians Safe from Forklifts

In the slideshow below, we describe 5 steps you can take to keep pedestrians safe from forklifts. Listed from simplest and least expensive to the latest in collision avoidance technology, you can find a solution that meets your needs. Click ^here to go to the next page Let us know if you would like more … Read more

Freedom is not Free

“Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.”    Franklin D. Roosevelt Bulwark Safety Systems is a proud employer and supporter of our veterans and on this day we remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our great nation.  

OSHA Compliance Audits

Business owners, managers and other stakeholders are required to provide a safe work environment for employees. The general duty clause of OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910 requires you to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards.  In addition, workplace hazard assessments are required by law under 1910.132(d)(2) “The employer shall verify that the required workplace … Read more

Inxpect Safety Radar

We are excited to announce that Inxpect has launched their next generation of safety radar sensors. If you are not familiar with this technology, here are 3 quick reasons why this might just be the safety sensor that solves your toughest problems:  Immunity to dust, debris, splashing liquids, sunlight and smoke. An object can be moved … Read more

Pallet Racks

As we installed pallet rack guarding last week, we were reminded of how easy it is to protect your team from collapsing pallet racks or materials falling from racks. Bulwark Safety Systems offers multiple solutions that can be used independently or in combination, to improve the safety of your warehouse workers and assets. Here are … Read more

Automated Roll up Doors

It is estimated that 80% of automated roll-up doors are using oversized motors. This means that many companies are not buying automated doors due to the overpriced quotes they receive. As a result they miss out on the benefits of automated doors. With Bulwark’s experts helping to select the right door for your application, you … Read more

Retrofittable Anti-Restart Blocking Devices

Light curtains effectively safeguard access to hazardous areas, but they do not prevent restart with people inside. Safety scanners, safety radars and safety mats are some of the ways we provide restart protection to our clients, but these all require integration with the machine’s electrical controls and safety circuit and can be costly. The Fortress … Read more

Kee Safety Handrails

Adding handrails or replacing old worn out or rusted handrails can make a significant difference in safety while upgrading the appearance of your facility. You may be tempted to put this off because fabricating handrails is expensive and time consuming. That’s why our clients love Kee Safety’s pipe and fitting system. There is no custom … Read more

Sensear Hearing Protection

In high noise industrial environments, your team needs more than just noise cancelling, they need SENS® (Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression). Noise cancelling devices have an inherent flaw when used in high noise environments where hearing protection is required. They may reduce noise, but they also reduce the user’s ability to hear speech and remain unaware … Read more


Do the fluid power components in your machines meet the same safety standards as the rest of the system?  When it comes to electrically monitored pneumatic and hydraulic valves, we often rely on a non-safety rated sensor or a switch on the spool or carriage valve. This is dangerous because failure of the “safety-related” component … Read more

Draeger’s Simple Gas Monitoring & Protection

Here are a few simple reasons to consider Draeger: Draeger O2, CO and H2S electro-chemical sensors are warrantied for 5 years with an expected life of 6-8 years. If your current equipment warranty only covers 2 years, you could be paying twice as much as you need to, not to mention the hassle of switching … Read more

Stand-Safe Food & Beverage Rated Ergonomic Matting

Stand-Safe is an ergonomic mat that is specifically designed for the food and beverage industry. It is the only mat that allows liquids and particles to drain away to ensure a safe and ergonomic surface to stand on. Plus, they stay in place and are extremely easy to clean.     Dissipates Liquid   –      … Read more

Consider The 3D Safety Radar Advantages

3D Safety Radar sensors offer advantages over traditional safety presence sensing devices like light curtains, laser scanners and safety mats in many applications: What problems do Safety Radar sensors solve: Immunity to debris such as dust, splashing liquids or smoke. Because the sensor detects movement, the environment can change. An object can be moved into … Read more

Spring Time Airflow With Fall Protection but Without the Bugs and Birds

There are many reasons to add automatic roll-up doors in manufacturing facilities, including: discouraging unauthorized individuals from entering dangerous areas, climate control, dust separation, keeping pests out while allowing fresh air and light in, etc. Bulwark Safety Systems is proud to partner with Goff’s Enterprises to provide roll-up doors to our clients. We offer very … Read more

Marking Designated Walkways

It is rare that painted lines designating safe walkways are well maintained in industrial facilities. Yet well designated walkways are an important part of pedestrian safety. Not only that, they give your facility a clean and well organized look that employees and visitors alike will appreciate. The problem with paint is that it has to … Read more

Permit to Work (PTW)

Permit to Work (PTW) is a key part of managing work activities that have inherently higher risks or unique aspects that could lead to a higher level of risk than routine or daily work activities. It is supported by other management policies, procedures, and processes to regulate all work activities and manage risk. The purpose … Read more

Safety Inspections for Machinery and Vehicles

As you go about your work day it’s easy to see if a co-worker is not wearing proper personal protective equipment. If you are a safety professional or supervisor, you will no doubt have a conversation with the co-worker to correct it. This is a cornerstone of safety management. But what about machinery and vehicles? … Read more

ISOtunes- Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Protection

  Bulwark is excited to offer ISOtunes ultra-lightweight Bluetooth earplugs with True Wireless technology. They are dust, sweat, and water resistant with all-day battery life, high fidelity audio and ANSI Certified 22, 27 or up to 29 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR varies depending upon model). With these earbud style earplugs you will maintain outstanding hearing … Read more

Case Study: Fall Protection Platform

In this application we have built a platform around a rooftop HVAC unit to provide safe access for routine maintenance. Prior to this installation, maintenance personnel were constantly standing awkwardly on ladders while they performed maintenance tasks on the HVAC unit. Process: Regular maintenance, such as changing filters is performed on a rooftop HVAC unit.  … Read more

Training Opportunity: ANSI B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist

Bulwark Safety Systems is partnering with Fortress Interlocks to offer an affordable online ANSI B11 based Licensed Machine Safety Specialist “LMSS” course starting this December. Unlike most safety training out there which is based on International ISO standards, this course is based on U.S. ANSI B11 Standards which are the U.S. specific standards. If you … Read more

Case Study- Employee & Asset Protection

Today we want to highlight a recent Bulwark Solution for a client that had a particular challenge of protecting their employee’s and assets while still maintaining productivity. Utilizing one of our most innovative safety systems solved the problem and provided the needed safety the client was looking for. The Process: A wheeled cart carrying sheets … Read more

Lockout Tagout Simplified

Bulwark Safety Systems offers several solutions that make following LOTO procedures easier and more consistent for your employees.  SGW LOTO Checklist Books: This short video shows how a simple LOTO Checklist Book makes the LOTO procedure easy to follow and consistent. By making your procedure simple and consistent employees are less likely to cut corners. … Read more

Pallet Rack Safety Solutions

Pallet rack safety is often overlooked, but every year collapsing pallet racks or materials falling from racks result in injury and even death. Bulwark Safety Systems offers multiple solutions that can be used independently or combined to better protect your warehouse workers and assets. Here are just a few of them: Rackbull: Affordable and simple … Read more