Combating Fatigue in Your Workforce

More and more companies are experiencing first hand the dangers of employee’s working while fatigued, mentally distracted or impaired by drugs. We all know the results of an incident caused by these factors can be disastrous for the employee as well as the company, or in some cases even the general public. At the same time, we are seeing more and more companies seeking solutions to fatigue and being proactive. These companies know that by reducing worker fatigue, they not only better protect their workforce, but also protect their companies brand name, reputation, and means to do business. At the same time, workers who are not fatigued perform better, safer and are more productive. Utilizing Predictive Safety’s innovative AlertMeter fitness for duty software, Bulwark Safety Systems is partnering with companies to reduce fatigue. To learn how you can reduce fatigue in your workforce visit us at or email us at