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Communicating Hazardous Areas with Banner Barriers

Bulwark Safety Systems LLC, is excited to now offer customers the finest retractable banner barriers on the market. Banner Stakes retractable banner barriers are offered in various configurations including individually in 7’, 15’ or 30’ lengths and include magnets, suction cups and anchors for fastening. Or they come as a set on a mobile cart that includes five retractable barriers, five stanchions and five bases. They can also be ordered in sets with a base, stanchion and a retractable barrier.

Nearly any configuration is possible to help protect and warn people of hazards or closed areas in your facility. Stock messages such as “Caution”, “Do Not Enter”, “Authorized Personnel Only” and many others are available and even custom messages can be ordered.

Accessories are available such as signal lights and removable spikes. Banner Stakes are rust-proof and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Contact Bulwark Safety Systems for a demo at your facility or for more information or pricing. Email us at safety@807b6827-0714-4edf-8865-42abc476289c.fs02.conves.io or call 971-330-8357.


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