Equipment Inspection Systems

Is your OSHA required forklift pre-shift inspection system highly visible, simple to use and easily accessible?

How about other equipment? Do you have a system with a consistent format for inspecting equipment like the following?

  • AED Inspection
  • Aerial Lift Inspection
  • Bucket Truck Inspection
  • Crane & Hoist Inspection
  • Chipper / Shredder Inspection
  • Cart Inspection
  • Car / Van / Pick-Up Truck Inspection
  • Eye Wash Inspection
  • Front End Loader Inspection
  • Forklift Truck Inspection
  • Heavy Equipment Inspection
  • Ladder Inspection
  • Mobile Equipment Inspection
  • Machine Inspection
  • Pallet Jack Inspection
  • Pallet Racking Inspection
  • Scaffold Inspection
  • Scissor Lift Inspection
  • Skid Steer Loader Inspection
  • Telehandler / Lull Inspection
  • Tractor Inspection
  • Truck & Trailer Inspection
  • Work Station Inspection
  • Custom, Etc.

Regular inspections create a safer work environment, so making it as easy as possible for your team to inspect your equipment is imperative. Using a consistent format for all of your equipment will make it much simpler for your team to perform the needed inspections. 

Bulwark’s inspection systems are easy to use and affordable.

See this video for more on how this simple system works:

SGW Inspection System Video

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