Fall Protection and Safety Barrier Audit Checklist

To print the Fall Protection and Safety Barrier Audit Checklist, CLICK HERE


You don’t know, what you don’t know….until someone gives you a cheat sheet.

Creating a safer work environment: This is the purpose of Bulwark Safety System LLC. In order to help achieve that purpose, we strive to assist our customers in every way possible to keep their employees safe.

One of the first steps to keeping employees safe is recognizing hazards within your own facility. Believe it or not, that’s sometimes difficult when you see those hazards every day. They become “normal operating procedure” and as long as no one is getting hurt we may not even recognize it’s a hazard at all.

Since Bulwark Safety Specialists can’t be everywhere all the time, we are developing resources to help customers recognize hazards so they can be dealt with appropriately before someone gets hurt. Sometimes these resources are simple, and sometimes they are not.

Today we are offering customers (and anyone else) one of those simple resources; a Fall Protection and Safety Barrier Audit Checklist. Using this checklist, found when you CLICK HERE will help you identify potential fall and missing barrier hazards in and around your facility before someone gets hurt. These are often hazards that are overlooked because…well perhaps they were present before you came to work here. Or perhaps they were hazards before you were even born. Nevertheless, they were and are hazards and should be addressed appropriately and in a timely manner.

Bulwark Safety Systems suggests you print this simple two page (or single page front and back) checklist. You may grab a co-worker and take some time to walk around the inside and outside of your facility. As you look around (two sets of eyes are always better than one), answer the questions on the form. If you have multiple hazards under the same category or in different areas of the facility, make a note on a separate piece of paper detailing the location of each hazard identified. In nearly every case, a “YES” answer to a question will indicate a hazard or other problem area that should be addressed if it isn’t already.

Recognizing hazards is the second step to improving safety (the first step is the desire to find hazards). Bulwark’s Fall Protection and Safety Barrier Audit Checklist will assist you in recognizing hazards. Once your audit is complete, you may decide to contact Bulwark Safety Systems to help you in the next step to improving safety….to develop the best possible solution for guarding the hazard and thereby improving safety for everyone. For more information, or assistance contact Bulwark Safety Systems general email at safety@807b6827-0714-4edf-8865-42abc476289c.fs02.conves.io, or call us at 971-330-8357.