Fall Protection for Machine Tops and Ladders

The Bulwark team regularly gets asked for fall protection help on machine tops and on older ladders that are not equipped with active fall protection systems. In both cases we have several simple solutions with low costs. Here are 2 of them: 

The FallTech Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System can be used for safe access to machine tops and other elevated surfaces that have pillars, beams or other appropriate anchor point.

The system is rated for 4 people, it is available in 30’, 60’ or 100’ lengths and the entire system fits in a handy bag. 

Below is a video on how the Temporary Horizontal Line System is used:


To make climbing your permanent ladders safer, a Ladder Stanchion Anchor can easily be added. 


This overhead anchorage system allows you to easily add active fall protection to your ladders at a very affordable price.

Below is a video on how the Ladder Stanchion Anchor is used:

For more information on these or the other fall protection solutions we offer, please reach out. We would be happy to schedule a time to visit and provide solutions for your safety challenges.