What is Fatigue Costing Your Company?

​Fatigue is a hidden danger for employees and workplaces, and it has the potential to cost businesses millions of dollars a year. Employees who miss out on crucial sleep are less focused at work and at higher risk for injury. Proactive employers can reduce the impact of fatigue on their workplace and help keep their workers safe.

It has become increasingly common for American workers to report sleeping less than the recommended amount each night. A recent national survey found that more than one-third of Americans sleep less than seven hours each night. Fatigue greatly impacts the workplace in terms of productivity:

Workers who sleep fewer than six hours per night cost employers about six workdays a year in productivity
Employees who sleep six to seven hours each night cost employers 3.7 workdays a year in productivity

A typical employer with 1,000 employees can expect to experience more than $1 million lost each year to fatigue.

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