Fatigue and Fit for Duty

Bulwark Safety Systems offers groundbreaking technology in the area of fatigue risk management.

Fatigue and other issues of alertness and human behavior are increasingly being identified as one of the leading causes of safety risks.

If an employee is fatigued or otherwise impaired they could be putting themselves and others around them in danger. We not only look to prevent employees from coming into contact with hazards, but to help an employer consider if an employee should be performing the task in the first place by testing employees alertness before a shift or before performing a hazardous task.

The Predictive Safety AlertMeter is a graphics test that measures an individuals fitness for work in about 90 seconds. It is taken on a smartphone or tablet and measures a person’s cognitive alertness based on their individual average score. It instantly identifies employees who may be struggling with alertness due to extreme fatigue, illness, substance abuse, or emotional distraction. AlertMeter can be taken each day by everyone in the company and helps prevent mistakes and improve productivity.

AlertMeter is:

  • Non-invasive
  • Takes only seconds
  • Procedurally fair
  • Easy to use
  • Game format
  • Non-language
  • Tests fitness for duty
  • Alertness score calculated on individuals baseline
  • Easy to integrate into existing company policies

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