Do the fluid power components in your machines meet the same safety standards as the rest of the system? 

When it comes to electrically monitored pneumatic and hydraulic valves, we often rely on a non-safety rated sensor or a switch on the spool or carriage valve. This is dangerous because failure of the “safety-related” component of a fluid power system can expose your personnel to the risk of serious injury. 

Using door interlocks, light curtains, scanners, safety radar sensors, pressure mats, E-stops, etc. are important, but being sure that all hazards are isolated is just as important before allowing personnel to access machines. If your pneumatic and hydraulic valves are not monitored and safety rated, you cannot be sure they have isolated the hazardous energy. 

In addition, when using light curtains or other presence sensing safety devices, safety distances need to be determined based on the stopping performance of the equipment. Monitored safety valves are designed to operate and control power even when contamination or lack of lubrication is present, ensuring stopping performance is maintained. 

Bulwark is pleased to offer Fortress Safety’s Fluidsentry line of pneumatic and hydraulic monitored safety valves. 

  • Fluidsentry products meet the highest level of safety: Category 4, PLe, SIL 3
  • Fluidsentry products actually increase productivity by eliminating the need for manual LOTO of fluid power components for routine tasks.
  • Fluidsentry products are completely retrofittable. You don’t need to replace any of your current components. Just add monitored safety valves and you will achieve the higher level of safety you are looking for. 

Our team of Licensed Machine Safety Specialists would be happy to assist you in determining which machine safety products are right for your application.