Guardrails (Handrails)….Fittings vs. Fabrication

Last week Mark Brockett, Business Development Manager of Kee Safety visited Bulwark Safety Systems and the Northwest. Together we visited various customers and showed them demonstrations of the innovative Kee Safety- guardrails, safety barriers and other fall protection products.

Many OEM customers are interested in the cost savings and simplicity of installing Kee Safety, Kee Klamp guardrails/handrails vs. fabricating their own. Kee Safety Kee Klamp guardrails arrive partially assembled and ready for install right out of the box. Engineering, and custom painting is also available and all Kee Safety products are engineered to meet or exceed applicable OSHA standards. Compared to fabricating your own, nothing beats Kee Safety products.

Whether you need a self closing gate, a skylight guard, or a guardrail/ handrail for your own facility. Or you need a guardrail, steel to steel connection or even a modular walkway system on your machine, Bulwark Safety Systems and Kee Safety can offer multiple solutions so you can find the best option for protecting your workers or those who work around your machines or systems. Contact Bulwark Safety Systems for more information or a free demo and watch the Kee Safety Fittings vs. Fabrication Video here.