Hearing Protection Without Isolation Increases Overall Safety

Sonetics are the only headsets to address hearing protection as well as situational awareness, mobility and wireless communication.

In addition to noise suppression, listen-through technology in Sonetics headsets prevents the isolation you can feel simply by using earplugs or muffs. Many workers opt out of hearing protection because they fear more what they won’t hear than what they will. Stereo listen-through technology helps you control how much ambient sound you want to hear and is sensitive enough so that you can perceive whether sound is coming from in front, from behind or to the side. So while other earplugs and muffs block sounds of traffic or other hazards, Sonetics delivers controlled ambient sound to increase your situational awareness and improve your overall safety.

Another challenge to wearing hearing protection is that it makes voice communication difficult. You either try to shout through the protection or remove it to talk with someone. The auto-leveling microphone in Sonetics wireless headsets lets you hold a conversation at normal volume more easily with teammates even while standing next to the source of peak noise levels (e.g., diesel engines).

Make an investment in yourself and your future health. Bulwark Safety Systems will, by offering additional discounts to individuals and businesses throughout February and March on Sonetics models APX 372, APX 373 and APX 375. With prices starting under $300 you can afford to protect your hearing AND your overall safety and health.

For more information on how Sonetics headsets can protect you, and to get your discounted pricing, contact Bulwark Safety Systems; email [email protected]