Improving Task Lighting will Improve Productivity & Safety

Ceiling lighting just isn’t enough for most industrial applications. Adding task lighting is one of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to increase safety and productivity. Bulwark Safety Systems has arranged for an industrial task lighting demo kit from Banner Engineering. This kit includes a light meter and the most popular options for industrial LED task lighting.

The following table shows recommended lux levels for different industrial applications and for different ages of workers. A lux meter can be used to get live or before and after lux levels to help ensure your illumination levels are sufficient for the space, task, and people.

Application                                                      Recommended Lux Ages 25-65                                   Recommended Lux Ages 65+
Warehouse                                                             100                                                                                               200
Work area                                                               150                                                                                               300
General assembly                                                 1,000                                                                                          2,000
Detailed assembly                                                2,000                                                                                          4,000
Fine inspection                                                     5,000                                                                                          10,000

If you know you need better lighting or you are just curious about your current levels and how you might increase lighting to improve safety and productivity, let us know and we will be happy to come by and measure your current light output and show you some options for improvement.

To read more about Banner Engineering task lighting click on the link below.

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