Kee Safety Fall Protection Installation

Bulwark Safety Systems recently installed several different types of rooftop safety equipment for one of our customers in Oregon. Seen in the foreground of the picture is Kee Safety’s Kee Anchor -Weightanka. Weightanka is a movable counterweight to support the weight of a worker should he/she fall from a height. The Weightanka can be dis-assembled and re-assembled in a matter of minutes so that a project (such as an equipment installation or maintenance) such as this can be done almost anywhere on the roof in wet or dry conditions safely. We measured the time it took for two workers to assemble the Weightanka and it only took four minutes. That means in about ten minutes (we used a rolling cart to assist) two employees can disassemble, move and reassemble the Weightanka. It’s a great “weigh” to help keep your people safe while they work on rooftops or other dangerous heights.

In the background, our technician works on the installation of Kee Safety’s Kee Klamp guardrail system along the roof edge. Kee Klamp is galvanized steel pipe and components that are TUV certified guardrails, highly corrosion resistant and require no welding or threading. Kee Klamp installs quickly and the recessed screws give it a smooth look and feel for the best permanent fall protection equipment available.

As always, Bulwark Safety Systems can measure and design your system, quote it, have it delivered to your dock and do your complete install as well. If you’re considering adding rooftop safety (or just about any safety) systems to your facility contact Bulwark Safety Systems for a design and quote at no cost whatsoever. Contact us at or call us directly at 971-330-8357.