Kee Safety Handrails

Adding handrails or replacing old worn out or rusted handrails can make a significant difference in safety while upgrading the appearance of your facility. You may be tempted to put this off because fabricating handrails is expensive and time consuming. That’s why our clients love Kee Safety’s pipe and fitting system. There is no custom fabrication, welding or even painting needed. Just cut the pipe to fit and screw the system together with an allen wrench or if you prefer, our professional installation crew could do the work for you.

Here are some projects our team has designed and installed:

Dock Handrail:

Door Entry / Exit Handrails:

Meet OSHA Fall Protection Height Requirements (This parapet was only 8” short of the OSHA required height, so we made it compliant with a short handrail):

We can even create custom assemblies like pallet gates:

The possibilities are endless: