Kee Safety-KeeGuard

Is your team accessing your roof on a regular basis for activities such as HVAC maintenance, filter changes or leaf and debris removal? If so, consider how much safer these activities would be with passive fall protection guardrails in place.

Not all fall protection railing is built the same though. Here are 6 reasons that Bulwark recommends KeeGuard:

  1. Non-penetrating design does not damage the roof or create potential for future leaks.
  2. Counterbalanced cantilever design only requires 30 lb weights. The competition typically requires weights in the 100 lb range. These create large load points that can damage your roof. 
  3. KeeGuard uses galvanized steel, painted galvanized steel or aluminum pipe and fittings and 100% recycled PVC bases. The competition often uses powder coated steel, which will rust over time. The lifespan of KeeGuard exceeds that of the competition by 5 times or more.
  4. Modular system is easy to install and allows for easy on-site adjustments to work around obstructions or for future layout changes.
  5. KeeGuard is wind rated and engineered for your specific needs and location. 
  6. The yellow railing that much of the competition uses draws attention to your roofline. KeeGuard blends in and can be tilted back at 11 degrees to create an even more aesthetically pleasing look from the ground.

For more information, or if you would like to schedule a time for us to survey your roof fall protection needs, please simply contact us. Also, keep in mind that our installation team can expertly install this solution for you.