• Light Curtains – Simple to Implement and Affordable

    When a client asks us for help in designing guards for their machine they often have some kind of fabricated hard guard in mind. In many cases though, a light curtain may be less expensive than engineering, fabricating and fitting a hard guard. For example, a 30” Banner EZ-Screen LS is less than $1,000 and is simple to install, easy to maintain and offers more flexibility than a hard guard.

    Check out this video for more on this amazing product:

    Or click on the page turn buttons below to thumb though the EZ-Screen Brochure to learn more.
    Banner EZ-Screen Brochure

    Some of the many features of the EZ Screen LS:

    Heavy-duty aluminum housing and recessed window to avoid damage in harsh environments
    End-to-end sensing – no blind zones
    Highly visible alignment and diagnostic indicators
    14, 23 & 40 mm resolution (beam spacing)
    Available in 23 lengths from 280 to 1820 mm
    Up to a 12 meter range
    External device monitoring, auxiliary fault options and scan code select included
    IP65/IP67 environmental rating with IP69K models available
    Cascade capable models available
    Remote fixed blanking to ignore stationary objects
    OSSD Safety Outputs

    If you have further questions or would like to see a demo or quote email us at [email protected]


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