Machine Guard- Before & After

In the photo above, our customer had for many years been using an old filing cabinet as the guard on this Heckert FSS 400/S milling machine. Yes….I said filing cabinet. After what I am sure were many useful years as  a machine guard (who would have thought), it was determined that a better solution was needed. Bulwark Safety Systems and ATS Machine Safety Solutions worked together with this customer to design a guard that was not only much safer for the operator (and others working nearby) but also maintained the required productivity needed on this machine.

This new guard will contain the extremely hot and sharp debris that is expelled during the milling process and thereby prevent workers from being struck and injured. This guard is a four sided enclosure constructed from 40 x 40 mm aluminum extrusion with 1/4″ lexan. With two extra wide hinged doors on the front and a latching catch in the center, it makes loading, unloading and operating both accessible and safe.

If you have a machine that needs guarding, and there are no filing cabinets available to re-purpose as a guard, then contact Bulwark Safety Systems. We will come out to your site, or take your machine information over the phone to develop the best guard design available. Email or call 971-330-8357