Machine Risk Assessment’s and Improving Profitability

Once again failure to meet machine guarding standards (29 CFR 1910.212) was in the top 10 most frequently cited violations by OSHA in 2017. If you have machines in your facility, it is your responsibility to perform Machine Risk Assessments, but if done right these assessments can also increase your profitability by:

Increasing productivity of operators who are confident in the safety of their machines
Employee retention is increased because employees genuinely feel that the company cares about them when safety is taken seriously
Reducing the paid time off for an employee who has had an accident
Reducing worker injuries
Reducing or eliminating OSHA fines
Reducing or eliminating litigation cost
Lowering insurance costs
Damage to a company’s brand reputation by the bad press of a work related injury or death is very costly in today’s news and social media environment.

Much of the resistance to performing risk assessments is confusion on what the process is, what materials are needed and who is qualified to perform them. An internet search returns a daunting amount of processes, material and standards. A company can easily waste weeks of man hours developing a risk assessment program and then launching it to their organization.
At Bulwark Safety Systems we have an easier solution. Have our qualified machine safety specialists perform affordable risk assessments on your machines for you or employ our risk assessment software application to do them yourself. Either way, you will begin to see the positive results safer machines bring to your workplace.