Machine Top Fall Protection

Would you believe approximately 800 workers are killed in falls every year and nearly half of them are killed in falls of 10’ or less. Yikes, crazy!

Maintenance on top of large machines of 4’ in height or more is often a necessity. As per OSHA 1910.28(b)(15), fall protection for workers on these raised surfaces must be provided.

Machine tops prove to be some of the most dangerous working surfaces as they are often covered with slip, trip, fall, and even overhead hazards. Since guardrails are nearly impossible to install in most cases, an SRL installed on a beam clamp or pass-through anchor attached to a ceiling joist is often the best and sometimes the only option.

Bulwark Safety Systems has installed many of these systems.  Here is a brief description of our solution. 

  • Worker dons appropriate fall protection harness.
  • Prior to climbing on a ladder or the machine the worker will pull the tag line attached to the SRL down until they have a hold of the SRL’s carabiner.
  • Worker detaches the tagline and attaches the carabiner to their harness.
  • Worker then climbs the ladder and onto the machine to perform their task.
  • The process is reversed when the worker completes their task.