Maintain Social Distancing And Productivity On The Plant Floor

Being able to effectively communicate at a distance in a high noise environment is essential if we are going to maintain social distancing, reduce downtime, prevent accidents and adequately train personnel. Here are three issues many businesses are facing now and how we can overcome them with Sonetics Hands free Wireless Communication and Hearing Protection Headsets:

  1. Smaller staff: Less personnel requires more communication, not less. Two way conversational communication at a distance and in noisy environments allows teams to clearly define tasks, check in regularly with each other and make needed adjustments immediately. 
  2. Getting a co-workers attention: No longer is it okay to tap a co-worker on the shoulder to get their attention or lean in close to hear them. Being in constant conversational communication not only improves productivity, but it reduces the probability of incidents. A potential hazard can be communicated immediately without a co-worker having to find a way to get their attention and at a distance.
  3. Training: Potentially lost in the effort to social distance is effective training. Safety, productivity, retention, morale, etc. are all improved when employees are well trained. But, if communication is difficult due to noisy environments and social distancing training breaks down. This is where wireless communication headsets can help trainers and trainees communicate. 

You may have seen the Bulwark installation team using Sonetics on a job. That is because we could see the benefits in safety and productivity well before social distancing requirements. It is hard to define the exact savings in lost time, increased productivity and increased morale, but our Sonetics system has been a real asset to us.

Some other interesting applications we introduced Sonetics to are:

  • Crab fishing boat crew
  • PUD line crew
  • Military Museum tank demonstration (communication between tanks and spotters)
  • Automation integration field installation team
  • Ship engine maintenance and repair team
  • Manufacturing staff at a food processor
  • Crane crew

If you think you would benefit from learning more let’s schedule an onsite or virtual demo. Please contact us at [email protected]