Marking Designated Walkways

It is rare that painted lines designating safe walkways are well maintained in industrial facilities. Yet well designated walkways are an important part of pedestrian safety. Not only that, they give your facility a clean and well organized look that employees and visitors alike will appreciate.

The problem with paint is that it has to be touched up frequently and that requires labor and materials. None of our businesses have employees standing around waiting to paint floors so this means pulling valuable people away from other important tasks. At Bulwark we offer 2 solutions that are affordable and last for years.

Line Projectors:

A 3” to 4” wide line can be projected at lengths exceeding 30’ with one projector. Lines can be projected in yellow, green, red or blue and you can expect a lifetime of 30,000 + hours. This equates to 3-6 years depending upon whether they are left on 24 hours. Even then, typically only a bulb needs to be replaced without requiring projectors to be removed. The projectors are small and easy to mount at only 8” x 8” x 9.25” and 6 pounds and need 110V to 240V AC power.

Floor Marking Tape:

When it comes to floor tape, it is all about the adhesive, so if you want your floor tape to last, you really do need to invest in the best. Unfortunately, there are many brands on the market which have given this solution a bad name, but Bulwark offers PermaStripe floor marking tape, which is rugged enough to last for many years in nearly every environment.

The question about floor tape which I get asked most often is “Will it hold up to our forklifts?” We hand out samples to anyone who asks this question and always suggest they put a piece down in their most highly trafficked areas. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Floor tape comes in a variety of colors and 2”, 3” and 4” widths. Custom sizes and colors are also available.

If you would like a sample of floor marking tape, or to schedule a demo of projected images or for pricing, just click HERE and send us a note with your request.