Pallet Rack Safety Solutions

Pallet rack safety is often overlooked, but every year collapsing pallet racks or materials falling from racks result in injury and even death. Bulwark Safety Systems offers multiple solutions that can be used independently or combined to better protect your warehouse workers and assets. Here are just a few of them:

Rackbull: Affordable and simple to install impact protection for pallet rack legs. Check out this short video to see how they work: Rackbull Forklift Impact Video

Rack Ends: Flexible Impact Polymer guarding mounted on the ends of your racks to protect the corner uprights. Polymer guardrails absorb the impact from forklifts and other vehicles. This prevents damage to the racks, while reducing or eliminating vehicle and concrete damage:

Pallet Rack Inspections: Do you have a system for regularly inspecting your pallet racks for damage or dangerous loading? Check out this short video on our easy to use and affordable pallet rack inspection books: SGW Pallet Rack Inspection System

Pallet Rack Backing: Are there areas where pedestrians and workers could be hit by falling objects from your pallet racks? Rack Backing prevents object from falling off the back of your racks:

Let us know if your pallet racks need attention and we can arrange to have one of our safety professionals provide you with a plan to better guard them. Also, our installation team can expertly install any of these systems.