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Perimeter Guarding for Your Robot and Machine Cells

There is a lot of talk about robots these days, so we want to provide a relevant and helpful discussion on perimeter guarding of robotic cells. However, perimeter guarding is also used for more than just guarding robot cells, it is often used for machines without robots or to keep people out of other hazardous areas.

Perimeter fencing is shown surrounding a large conveyor system.

After installing hundreds of feet of perimeter guarding last year and seeing countless installations, we have found Troax products to be the best options for perimeter fencing for the following reasons:

Posts: Most competitor products come with predrilled holes that brackets are mounted to. Troax’s perimeter guarding does not have any holes, adding to the rigidity of the posts. You simply slide a bracket onto the post and tighten it down in precisely the right position. This also eliminates the need for shims if your floor is not completely level. In addition, these posts have four floor mounting holes. We typically only use two of them, but oftentimes having four mounting hole options is helpful in avoiding an obstruction or adding extra strength at corners and ends.

Brackets: Many of the competitor brands use plastic brackets. Troax brackets are steel. This adds to the overall strength of the fencing. Troax brackets are thoughtfully designed to make it easy to handle 90 degree or odd angled corners, to add a door later, or to quickly remove panels for maintenance activities.

Mesh: Troax panels have the highest impact ratings in the industry, with every wire welded to the frame. They also have several helpful accessories that allow you to make field modifications for unexpected obstructions. There is even a clever attachment that allows you to save money by skipping a post when needed.

We could continue on discussing door locks and the many other accessories that Troax offers which put it ahead of the competition; however, the two main points to remember are that using Troax products will save your team time in installation and Troax perimeter guarding looks great. The first thing anyone sees when walking up to your new robot or machine cell is the perimeter guarding. Make sure their first impression is a good one.

If you would like to learn more about how Troax perimeter guarding may be right for your robot or machine cell, we can be reached at safety@807b6827-0714-4edf-8865-42abc476289c.fs02.conves.io or call us directly at 971-330-8357.

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