Re-Think Your Hearing Protection

Improve your approach to hearing protection by adopting Earasers. The Earaser hearing protection technology is superior to foam or earmuff alternatives, as it offers increased comfort, a more cost effective option, and additional safety. Each set includes the earplugs and a storage case, and can also be purchased with a tether.

Increased Comfort
Earasers are designed by a company that has been making hearing aids for over 50 years. Like hearing aids, Earasers are designed to be worn for 16+ hours per day. They provide vastly superior comfort over other forms of hearing protection. They do not tickle, itch, provoke sweat, or cause sounds to be overly muffled. Offered in several different sizes, there is a perfect fit for everyone without the nuisance of requiring custom fitting.

Cost Effective
It is estimated that the average cost of wearing foam ear plugs is between $35 and $45 per year. One set of Earasers can last well over a year, and will save you money over the alternatives.
The United States Department of Labor reports that in the past year, over $1.5 million in penalties related to not protecting workers from potentially damaging noise was paid by U.S. businesses. In addition to this, it is estimated that an annual $242 million is spent on compensating workers for hearing loss disability. The adoption of Earasers into hearing protection programs can help to protect companies from OSHA penalties and reparations for hearing damage to workers.

Additional Safety
Earasers filter out harmful noise frequencies, while still allowing for some speech and other safe noises to be heard. Allowing users to still be able to hear people and noises around them, while maintaining hearing protection increases safety in the workplace.

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