Reducing Harmful Noise

We often see production areas where just one or two machines are excessively loud and are subjecting not only those working with the machine, but the entire workforce to harmful noise. By using sound curtains we can isolate noisy machines from the rest of the workforce, reducing harmful noise, increasing safety, improving the appearance of the production area and likely increasing productivity at the same time.

Sound curtains can reduce industrial noise by as much as 45dB. They come in a variety of form factors from a retractable curtain up to 25′ high and any width, to a self contained frame that fits around your machine or work area.

Sound curtains can be ordered with track and roller mounting hardware in three mounting options, ceiling, wall, or free standing. The unique fan folding design allows you to open up the space when noisy machines are not in use or for maintenance purposes.

Sound curtains can also be designed with a frame so they can be free standing:

So how do they work? Glad you asked….Our sound curtains have a viscoelestic acoustic damper with suspended mineral particles and an aluminum constraining layer. Basically they absorb sound rather than reflecting it. It is able to do this because it dissipates the sound energy as heat.