RFID Safety Switches

RFID safety devices offer thousands of unique codes, so it is virtually impossible for someone to trick the system into thinking a door or hatch is closed or a guard is in place by using a spare coded magnet or actuator.

Here is a dangerous situation we came across while evaluating the guarding on a customer’s machine. Unfortunately, we see this more often than you might think. In this case a spare actuator was kept easily accessible on a string, so that the machine could run while the guard was open:


To prevent what you see above, RFID technology can be included in many types of safety devices such as coded magnets, door interlocks and solenoid controlled door interlocks:


We even have RFID door access controls that operate like a safety key would for restart protection when someone is in a hazardous area near the machine. These keys can be easily programmed on-site, so spares can be kept on hand in case of the loss or damage of a key.

Next time you need to replace access controls for your machines, the Bulwark team recommends RFID safety devices and is happy to help evaluate your machine guarding and offer solutions, so your design will meet the highest levels of safety. We even offer Risk Assessments and Installation.

Contact us at safety@bulwark.one with any questions or to receive a quote.