Roll-up Doors, Curtains Walls, Weld Screens, Sound Curtains, Strip Doors, and more…

There are many reasons to add automatic roll-up doors in manufacturing facilities, including: discouraging unauthorized individuals from entering dangerous areas, climate control, dust separation, keeping pests out while allowing fresh air and light in, etc. Bulwark Safety Systems is proud to partner with Goff’s Enterprises to provide roll-up doors to our customers. We offer very competitive pricing, a standard warranty of 2 years on components and workmanship, and the fastest lead times in the industry. We offer a wide variety of models with speeds as high as 54” per second and up to 160 cycles per hour. Doors can be as large as 16’ wide and as small as 5.5’ wide. There are even models made specifically for wash-down areas that can withstand caustic or corrosive chemicals.

We recently installed two of these roll-up doors in an industrial facility and were amazed at how compact they are. The motor and drive are especially compact compared to those of competitor products. This helps to make the install fast and easy. In this case, the customer wanted a motion sensor, but there is a variety of options available for opening the door.

Goff’s also offers many other problem solving products including:

Curtain Walls for Separation and Containment:

Welding Curtains and Screens:

Sound Curtains and Screens to Reduce Industrial Noise:

Strip Doors and Climate Curtains:

All of these products can be custom built to fit your dimensional needs, as well as your color and material preferences. Just let us know what your needs are and we will be happy provide pricing or even come out and help determine what would work best in your application. And of course, we install everything we sell.