Rooftop Fall Guards for Drains & Equipment

We recently had a client ask us for a fall protection solution specifically for the task of keeping their roof drains clear of debris. Since it is autumn and your roof likely has leaves on it, here is the solution we recommended. 

Of course, the safest solution would be to add railing to the entire roof:

In this case, the client did not have the budget for completely guarding the roof, so we suggested smaller runs of guardrail at each drain. Keep in mind these solutions could be used around equipment or other areas that need occasional servicing. 

Here are the 3 arrangements we used:

Straight Arrangement: For drains or equipment along a straight edge.

“U” Arrangement: For drains or equipment along a non-straight edge.


Corner Arrangement: For drains & equipment in corners.


These arrangements are affordable, starting at around $2,200 and can make a real life saving difference in your roof safety program. Let us know if you have similar safety concerns on your roof and we would be happy to set up a time to discuss the options or walk your roof.