Rooftop Safety Solutions

A roof hatch is one of the most dangerous places on a roof. This is because you will use a hatch twice every time you access your roof. People also have a habit of leaving them open when on the roof.  

Adding a hatch guard is the simple solution to this hazard. The good news is that adding a hatch guard just got much easier with our non-penetrating version.

This non-penetrating hatch guard is free standing, so it is easy to install and requires no drilling or screws of any kind. 

Another often overlooked, yet highly dangerous area on a roof is skylights. We offer and install both freestanding and screen versions.

If you have unguarded or poorly guarded hatches or skylight covers, let us know. We would be happy to come take some measurements and provide a quote to improve your rooftop safety. 

Keep in mind that we also supply and install railing, ladders, crossover bridges, platforms, stairs, anti slip solutions, anchor points, lifelines, etc.