Safeguarding Older Equipment

Many of Bulwark Safety Systems customers have older (When I say older, I mean Grandpa could have used them) machines with little or no guarding (and this is why Grandpa had 9 of 10 fingers).

Machines like lathes, presses, milling machines, grinders and others. Old machines such as these need guarding just as new machines do. Working with ATS Machine Safety Solutions, Bulwark is able to provide customers with custom and off the shelf solutions for guarding these. Whether you are a machine shop, or just have a few of these machines to supplement your manufacturing process, we stand ready to help you guard your machines, protect your employees and take care of your bottom line while maintaining or even improving your production needs.

If you would like a free quote or just more information on these or many other products, email us at or call us directly at 971-330-8357 or 360-910-0181.