Safety Grid System

Light curtains make sense in a lot of applications, but when it comes to full body access areas you might be paying for more than you actually need. 

Here are 3 ways that you can save on hardware and installation costs by using a Safety Grid System instead of a traditional light curtain: 

1) Safety Grid Systems (SGS) are less expensive, because they use fewer beams. Whereas a traditional light curtain in a full body access application might have 40mm beam spacing, a SGS has 500, 400 or 300mm beam spacing. 

As long as the safety distance formula is used to calculate the distance the SGS should be mounted from the hazard, this is completely appropriate for many applications.

2) Only one side of the SGS has to be wired. That’s right, one side of the SGS system can be a passive mirror that requires no power! This not only saves on hardware cost, but also on the cost of wiring.

3) Simple to implement muting. A muting circuit is built into the SGS system, so a safety controller or PLC is not required. In addition, while an indicator light is required when a light curtain is muted, the SGS has an indicator light built in. 

Also, muting sensors built into “Muting Bars” are easily attached to your safety grid system. 

Contact us for more information on safety grid systems, or if you just need help determining if they are the right option for you. 

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