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Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for Predictive Safety’s Alertmeter – Fitness for Duty software.

The Predictive Safety Alertmeter is a graphics test that measures an individual’s fitness for work in about 90 seconds. It is taken on a smartphone or tablet and measures a person’s cognitive alertness based on their established and personal baseline. It instantly identifies employees who may be struggling with alertness due to extreme fatigue, illness, substance abuse, or emotional distraction. The Alertmeter can be taken every day by a specific group of employee’s or every employee and will not only help improve safety but will increase productivity.

The Alertmeter is:


Takes only seconds

Procedurally fair

Easy to use


Game format

Tests fitness for duty

Easy to incorporate into existing company policies

Check out the video below for additional information.

AlertMeter Fit for Work testing from Predictive Safety on Vimeo.

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