Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class hand protection from Cestus – Premium hand protection with intelligent design details using exclusive patented materials.


Bulwark Safety Systems offers only the best products in each PPE class. Bulwark Safety Systems choice for hand protection is Cestus, Armored Gloves.



  • One quarter of all workplace injuries involve hand and finger injuries
  • 70% of workplace hand injuries could have been prevented with proper hand protection
  • There are roughly 110,000 recorded lost-time hand injuries each year with an average of 6 days of lost time


Based in the Northwest, Cestus prides itself on developing premium hand protection for clients worldwide. With independent lab testing, Cestus uses patented materials and ergonomic seam construction to make Cestus gloves as comfortable as they are durable. Cestus gloves have been tested in real life environments for performance and functionality and adapted and improved based on customer feedback. Cestus has a track record of improving hand safety and lowering PPE costs at work sites around the world.



  • Fire and Rescue
  • Welder
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Handling
  • Vibration
  • High Temp
  • Winter
  • High Visibility
  • Trade
  • Box Handling
  • Construction
  • Medical (Nitrile)
  • Etc.



  • Cut resistance
  • Liquid barriers
  • Heat resistance
  • Impact protection
  • Vibration resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrile



Gloves show above is just an example of nearly 100 glove models available.



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