Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class products from Dropsafe – Products designed to reduce the risk of dropped objects within workplace environments.

Dropsafe creates solutions to prevent objects falling from height, offering all the tools, advice and resources you need to tackle drop risks comprehensively, sustainably, and in a time and cost-effective manner. Dropsafe understands the pressure that time, budget, and sustainability hold on the affect of safety, therefore Dropsafe products are meant to be to be assets, not consumables, focusing on a low-cost of long term ownership.

As leaders in the drops prevention space, Dropsafe strives to help companies achieve the edge with an unparalleled level of safety. Below are the list of products offered.

  • Barriers – A robust and versatile modular safety barrier system for the prevention of Dropped Object incidents.
  • Nets – securely enclosing and tethering overhead fixtures to prevent dropped and falling objects.
  • Matting – a PVC, certified slip-resistant drops prevention system for use on worksite walkways and flooring. The Matting provides slip and fall prevention in the workplace.
  • Helideck Perimeter Safety Net – attaches to the existing outer frame of the helideck, preventing equipment and personnel from falling. Made from marine-grade stainless steel with a 10+ year service life.
  • Dropsafe Pouch – designed to securely enclose and tether handheld items used while working at height.
  • Barricade – a fully customizable chain barricade system for the health and safety of employees in high risk work environments.
  • Slings – offers a high standard of secondary securing for fixtures located at height.
  • Custom solutions – We work alongside industries to develop custom solutions for the prevention of Dropped Objects.

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