Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class hearing protection from Earasers – Long lasting hearing protection you can wear comfortably all day.

Bulwark Safety Systems offers only the best products in each PPE class. Bulwark Safety Systems choice for hearing protection is Earasers.

Earasers are designed by a company that has been making hearing aids for over 50 years and like hearing aids Earasers are designed to be worn for 16+ hours per day. They provide vastly superior comfort over other forms of hearing protection and will not cause ear fatigue, itching or pressure the use of foam ear plugs can cause. With simple sizing from extra small to large there is an Earaser to fit everyone without the hassle of sizing “custom” hearing protection.

Earasers filter harmful noise frequencies while still allowing for some speech and other safe noises to be heard (NRR 16 and lower models). Allowing users to hear people and noises around them increases safety in the workplace, while maintaining up to 31dB of peak protection. Models offering enhanced protection of NRR 22 and 29 are also available.

Earasers are cost effective. It is estimated that the average cost of wearing foam ear plugs is between $35 and $45 per year, per employee. One set of Earasers can last up to two years at a starting cost of just $25.  

For every 1,000 employees using foam ear plugs, it’s estimated that over one million foam ear plugs end up in our landfills and oceans each year. By using Earasers we all help to reduce negative impacts to our environment.

For only a few dollars more Earasers are available with a tether to help keep your Earasers close by and ready for use. All Earasers come with a handy carrying case so your hearing protection stays clean and can travel with you anywhere and be available any time.

Approximately 90% of men will wear Earasers size Medium. Approximately 90% of women will wear Earasers size Small. This is a good starting point for selecting the correct size. 

Built to withstand extreme environments, Earasers are ready to perform in the same tough conditions you face every day. With simple occasional cleaning your Earasers should last from a year to two years and with the Earasers Renewal Kit you can make your Earasers like new again for about $10.

Earasers are available in models with NRR’s of 5, 13, 16, and 22. Another option includes the Mini-Bigshots with an NRR rating of 29.


Earasers with tether/lanyard

Earasers Safety Chart


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