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Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class Machine Safety Guards and Shields. Guards for the machine shop including lathe, milling machines, drill guards, band saws, surface and cylindrical grinder’s, punch press, slotting machines, motor starters, grinder shields and even custom machine guards and much more from the leaders in industrial protective equipment.

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Lathe Guards

We offer a complete line of high quality safety products for your lathes.

1. Chuck guards – many sizes and configurations available. Available with tempered glass, full metal or polycarbonate screens. All our chuck guards come complete with shield, interlock switch and wiring.

2. Carriage chip guard and coolant shield – many sizes to choose from. Swings and adjusts to any job. All our carriage shields come complete with guard, interlock switch, wiring and mounting bracket.

3. Feed and lead screw cover – many sizes to choose from. Blind material is made from heat-resistant and very strong Aramid fibers. Aramid resists red hot chips, coolant, oils and wear. Comes in a set of two spring loaded, roller-blind type covers.


Milling Machine Guards

We offer a wide range of milling machine safety guards and shields with many sizes and styles to choose from. All of our milling machine safety guards come equipped with one or more positive action safety interlock switches. All of the switches are sealed inside an ip67 rated enclosure for protection against coolant, chip and dust entry into the switch mechanism. Our polycarbonate shields are resistant to impact, coolants and oils. We also offer scratch resistant tempered glass shields. Articulating arms made of durable solid steel and guards may be mounted on the left or right of the machine allowing for easy installation and adjustment.

Drilling Machine Guards

We have the largest selection and highest quality drill guards and shields anywhere. All drill guards come with a positive acting interlock switch to disable the machine if the guard is open. As soon as the drill guard shields are open or swung out of the way, electrical contact is broken and the machine stops. Likewise, the machine will not start with the shield open. All our switches are rated 3A @ 400v, and have 2 NC contacts and 1 NO contact. An ample amount of wiring is included with all our guards. All our guards and shields are manufactured to the highest degree of quality. Cast components, attention to detail and our guarantee are what make these guards stand out.

Band Saw Guards

Surface and Cylindrical Guards

Surface grinders can be one of the most dangerous machines in any shop. The grinding wheels spin at high speeds and if not carefully used, may shatter and send debris flying towards the operator and bystanders at high speed. It is important to install specially engineered guards for use on your surface grinders. Our surface grinder guards come equipped with a safety interlock switch.

Sturdy all-steel construction
Large, clear windows for high visibility
Impact resistant polycarbonate windows
Light weight for easy installation
Complete with a safety interlock switch
Custom made to fit your machine


Punch Press

Punch presses can be one of the most dangerous machines in the work place. The action on these machines is usually very fast and once set in motion, cannot be stopped. We can supply a turn key package including fixed guards, safety light curtains, two hand button station, and complete electrical system.

Slotting Machines

Grinder Shields

Grinders are hazardous and dangerous machines. Not only can a grinding wheel shatter but sparks and grinding dust can be ejected at great speed. Many guards that come with these grinders are clumsy devices, made of Plexiglas that becomes opaque from the dust and sparks, and they are not very easy to work with. Our guards are noticeably different. They are made of tough materials that withstand industrial environments. They are also available in laminated safety glass versions that do not darken and pit like plastic shields do. Finally we offer interlocked shields that turn off the grinder when opened or do not allow the grinder to start when in the open position.

Motor Starters

Fully wired and built to your specifications. The simple motor starter box is recommended for machines/motors that are under 220 volts.

Before ordering please have the following information available. Most of this information you will find directly on the motor name plate:

Voltage of motor(s) (120v/220v/etc.)
FLA (Full load amps) of motor(s)
Is the machine a one phase or three phase power system?
If line voltage is over 220 volts an external transformer is recommended for the control system. Please contact us for more details.

The motor starter box includes:

Contactor/relay for up to 18 amps
Thermal overload protection
Start/stop and twist release emergency button.
Optional yellow background for E-stop button in French, English or bilingual
Double insulated heavy duty plastic enclosure.
cULus and CSA approved
Schematic diagrams included

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