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Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class products from FIXFAST- For fall protection and roof access products.

FIXFAST has multiple OSHA compliant resources to be sure that your company employees are safe and protected from falls when in high roof access situations. Below are four products that Bulwark Safety Systems works with FIXFAST to provide.


KATTCLIMB  are Fixed ladders that provide straightforward access to higher structural spaces for repair, inspection and maintenance. Permanent mounting means there’s no need to transport and assemble fixed ladder systems each time, and installing them in line with OSHA safety standards contributes to a healthier workplace. FIXFAST offers many different ladder options to choose from.




KATTGUARD are roof guardrail systems that include the internal and external roof mount guardrail as well as metal, surface mount and non-penetrating guardrails. As the names imply, internal and external models work on either side of the roof, while metal guardrails are designed to attach to metal roofs. Non-penetrating guardrails offer a free-standing solution that is compliant with OSHA standards. Finally, surface mount guardrails provide stability for sloped rooftops, high winds, ice and snow.


KATTWALK is a rooftop walkway system that is designed to be lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum walkway system which provides safe, designated access around the rooftop environment. Flexible walkways systems are essential to keeping your employees safe and protecting the integrity of your roof. FIXFAST designated pathways help keep your workers far away from potential fall hazards. When used alongside fall protection plans and training programs, flexible walkways protect your crew, building and reputation.


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