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Inxpect is a technology company that designs and manufactures smart radar sensors for industrial safety and robotics.

How Does It Work?

The smart radar system is based on a new detection paradigm. The sensor uses proprietary algorithms to detect motion and monitor operators or machinery in a 3D coverage area
  • This paradigm allows static objects to be managed inside the scenario
  • People who are still are not actually static: the sensor can detect an operator’s micro-movements from breathing

3D safety radar

The LBK system detects access or the presence of operators in a dangerous area. In any environmental conditions (dust, smoke, dirt, water aerosols), it guarantees a level of safety never before reached by any other system in the world. The radar waves of the sensor cover the entire dangerous area, creating a 3D protected zone.

More on Safety

Compliance with international standards means that the design process and resulting product are in accordance with internationally recognized rules that ensure maximum performance, especially when human lives are at stake. Inxpect safety radar systems are certified according to the highest standards and the latest safety regulations: LBK system is SIL2 certified in accordance with the IEC/EN 62061 standard and is classified Pld in accordance with the ISO 13849 standard. It is the first safety radar system (and to date, the only radar system) in the world that complies with these standards.

What does the system consist of?

The control unit can handle up to 6 radar sensors. It has 1 Safety Output, 2 relay outputs for other signaling devices such as light towers, and 3 configurable inputs for muting and other functions.

Easy-to-use software is used to configure the system. It also provides system status, system validation, and maintenance functionality.

What Else

  • Each sensor has a 4 meter range. Larger areas can be covered using multiple sensors
  • The system is SIL2 / PLd
  • Muting functionality is built in
  • Two 3D sensing fields to choose from

Wide Coverage Field                                                  Narrow Coverage Field


In comparison to other technologies, radar technology is much more resistant to environmental disturbances generated by production processes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and can be positioned up to 3 m high.

The Inxpect Safety Radar System is very reasonably priced and software is always free.

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