Post Guard


Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class products for facility and material handling protection, rack and parking protection and clearance guards – Bollard Covers, Bollards, Parking Stops, Corner and Column Protection, Height Guards and much more from the leaders in industrial protective equipment.

Bulwark Safety Systems offers our customers a full range of facility protection equipment including:

Bollard Covers
Our bollard covers are manufactured using a 1/8″ thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with stronger intermolecular forces, tensile strength, and solvent resistance containing ultraviolet additives that resist fading and withstands extreme temperatures. These bollard covers are guaranteed to be fade resistant for 6 years the longest in the industry. With a quick and easy installation that ensures a secure fit. Durable, flexible and designed to absorb impact which helps to protect both vehicles and structures from expensive damage. Two recessed reflective stripes increasing visibility and safety. With a low cost that starts around $32, stop painting and repetitive maintenance of bollards by covering them with bollard covers from Bulwark Safety Systems.



Bolt down, Steel, Stainless Steel, Concrete, Removable, Retractable and Flexible Polymer


Parking Stops
Excellent for indoor or outdoor parking and safer and more durable than concrete. Environmentally friendly, manufactured from 100% post consumer recycled plastic resin. 4″ high curb helps reduce damage to low, front end cars, 6 ft length weighs only 16 lbs. Solid color throughout, can’t scratch off and easy to install, no heavy machinery required. Honeycomb design delivers greater strength in colors of: Yellow, Grey, Blue, White. Available Installation Hardware: For concrete – lag bolts & anchors or wedge bolt. For gravel or asphalt – 12″ or 18″ galvanized steel spikes.


Corner Guards
Manufactured from high-impact virgin rubber, these corner guards are long lasting, durable, and cost-effective solutions. High intensity reflective tape increases visibility – especially at night, and provides the necessary guidance to drivers when parking in tight spots. The rubber corner guards help protect property and vehicles from dents and scratches and is ideal for surface and multi-level parking lots and interior factory / warehouse walls.


Column Protection
A multi-size column protector that adresses the issue of variable columns in one facility. Four-sided, uniform protection with interlocking sides that guarantee a snug fit. New VELRCO fasteners and patented air chamber deflects impact away from the column. Easy install with multiple sizes for round or square columns.


Height Guards (Clearance Protection)
Visual warning bar made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and designed for all weather conditions. 4.5″ Dia. & 7″ Dia. ships in two pieces to reduce freight costs, fade resistant and closed on both ends.


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