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Fatigue Management and Fit for Duty Software
Bulwark Safety Systems offers groundbreaking technology in the area of fatigue management and fit for duty software. Fatigue and other issues of alertness in human behavior are increasingly being identified as one of the leading causes of accidents in the workplace. If an employee is fatigued or otherwise impaired, they are putting themselves and others around them in danger. We not only look to prevent employees from coming in contact with hazards, but to help an employer consider if an employee should be performing the task in the first place by testing and monitoring employees alertness and fatigue levels before, during and even after their shift ends.

Alertness and impairment data from traditional lagging indicators like drug testing and employee screening are of little use when it comes to staying ahead of accidents. This revolutionary system stays one step ahead of alertness risk by testing employees as they clock-in and providing key alerts right when they matter most.
Predictive Safety’s proprietary system is based on a partnership with the alertness and impairment research team at Bowles-Langley Technology. This proven technology has been detecting alertness deviations reliably, and providing life-saving data in the Fatigue Management System for years.

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