Slip Control and Floor Marking

Look to Bulwark Safety Systems as your source for first-class slip control and floor marking products – Providing anti-slip plates, stair and ladder rungs; permanent slip control flooring covers as well as anti slip tape and floor marking tape from the leaders in industrial slip control and floor markings.

Antislip Plates, Stair Nosings and Ladder Rungs

Surfaces that appear level can be just as dangerous as stairways – perhaps even more so. Poor lighting, cracked or uneven paving or concrete, and the presence of water, oils or other liquids can seriously aggravate the risk of trips and falls that result in physical harm and lost time.

Head-first or backwards, a fall on a stairway – even a small flight – can cause serious injury or death. Adverse environmental conditions or the presence of lubricants, fluids and other contaminants will magnify the risk enormously.

Antislip Stair Nosings guard against the multiple dangers of polished, worn or cracked stairs in places exposed to weather or fluid spills by eliminating the slip hazard and re-profiling the leading edge of the stairs and increasing the shoe contact area.

Fatalities, severe spinal or head injuries and broken legs are the most common results of a fall from a ladder. Even a brand new ladder with untreated metal or wooden rungs is potentially a highly dangerous piece of equipment.

Antislip Ladder Rung Covers eliminate the risk of slips from ladders by increasing the surface area for foot contact and greatly increasing the friction coefficient and visibility. Severe weather, spillages and even immersion in viscous or corrosive fluids will not adversely affect the performance of the Ladder Rung Cover or it’s life span.


Antislip Tape

We supply non skid antislip tape in multiple grades and a large range of colors, sizes and shapes, with the option of custom lengths to suit your needs.

Application is simple and easy, just apply to a clean, dry surface and it is ready to use immediately.

Size varies, ranging from 1″ inch to 46″ in width ( 48″ in black ) and up to 60 feet in length. Various rolls from .5″ in width, and many die cuts can also be produced. Dependent on order quantity, we can produce a full anti slip solution in any color ( matching pantone or RAL references ), size or shape.



Floor Marking

Floor markers and safety signs are durable, self-adhesive markers and signs constructed from an industrial grade plastic, intended for use in factory warehouses and buildings where restrictions and safety notifications need to be highlighted.

Signs have their designs printed onto the surface, then a top laminate is applied to protect the print, preventing its important messages from being worn off and therefore resulting in a more robust product.

With quick application, floor markers and safety signs require no downtime to apply. Clean the surface area, and then you can peel off the backing liner, and stick it down. Once applied, they are ready for use immediately.



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