Safety Success Stories: Anti-Slip & Ergonomic Matting

Did you know that you can eliminate trip hazards and slippery surfaces around your machines while providing your employees with the benefits of ergonomic matting? That is exactly what we achieved in this safety success example:

This wasn’t the only client that added anti-slip to a very challenging environment. Check out this dirty and greasy environment. This product mitigated several huge slip hazards for this client:

Think about adding this in front of your machine tools as well:

More on our ergonomic matting system:

  • Safety Performance: Mats will not curl or slide, and allow cords 1” in diameter to pass safety underneath, reducing trip hazards. In addition, they offer class 1 fire resistance.
  • Modularity: Mats easily configure to your needs and are easily installed. Color tiles can be used to highlight work areas and enhance safety initiatives such as 6S.
  • Ergonomics: The compression dome technology distributes the weight of the worker which increases blood flow and reduces fatigue.
  • Interlock System: Tiles stay together when you need them to, but can be easily taken apart and reconfigured.
  • Surface Options: Choose between the traditional compression dome tile intended for standing long periods of time, tiles designed for drainage, anti-slip texture or smooth surface tiles.
  • Superior Durability and 20-Year Warranty: Mats can handle a 15 ton forklift and yes, you read correctly, these mats have a 20 year warranty.

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