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What is a Safety Grid? It is similar to a light curtain, but is less expensive and only has 2, 3 or 4 beams. It’s purpose is to protect full body access areas. A Safety Grid is an excellent alternative to fencing and guarding in large areas that you need to keep operators and pedestrians out of. Banner’s SGS Safety Grid System has a heavy-duty aluminum housing and provides a low-cost perimeter guarding solution for tough environments. With models that only require one cable, have a range of up to 60 meters, and come with built-in muting functions, these are a great option for preventing full body access to dangerous areas. Check out the video HERE

Easy to Wire:

Models are available with a passive receiver. This means that the receiver end has no cable and needs no wiring. Installation is made simple with on-board alignment lamp and indicators.

Long Range:

If you have a perimeter that you would like to guard, but you do not want to pay for hard guarding, consider adding a Safety Grid System. Models with a 60 meter (196 ft) range are available.

Built-in Muting:

If you have a conveyor that enters or exits a robot or machine and you would like to ensure that people can not enter through this gap, you will most likely need muting. Here is an example:

The Safety Grid System has the following features that make it easy to mute:

Built in programming. No safety controller needed.

A light signaling that the Safety Grid is muted is built-in and standard.

Optional muting sensors built into “Muting Bars” that are easily attached to your safety grid system. There are several variations available to meet your particular need.

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