Kee Track Safety Access

One of the more common fall protection challenges we get asked to solve is providing safe access to the tops of machines, vehicles, tanks, etc. The challenge is almost always finding places to properly anchor a fall protection system. Often the internal roof structure does not offer beams or trusses in just the right location to make them useful in mounting the fall protection system. That is why we are so excited about the Kee Track System.



Kee Track is a rigid overhead fall protection track system that can easily be added to existing trusses, roof purlins, beams or concrete roofs. 

This cost effective system is easy to configure and install, because it utilizes off-the-shelf components. Maintenance and yearly testing costs are much less than those of lifelines as a result of the rigid construction.  

If you have elevated areas in your facility that you need to access on occasion, or all the time, let us know and we would be happy to develop a Kee Track solution to fit your needs.